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OUr crew 

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Captain Jerid 

With 28 years of hardcore fishing experience, Jerid is no stranger to the water and has an arsenal of different fishing techniques. Jerid is happiest when he is out on the water and taking friends fishing. Ask him anything related to fishing and you  will see his face light up like a tree on Christmas.

Fisherman at Sunset

Are you our next captain?

Searching for the perfect Captain to add to the team. The requirements are stiff! We expect excellence each and every trip regardless of the circumstance. Our clients experience means the absolute most to us. Think you may be a good fit? 


Laguna madre 18

The 'Laguna Madre 18' by Jacque over at boat builders central. I built it from his plans with some modifications. I wanted a boat that had the customer in mind and NO skiff on the market takes into account the small details of comfort when trying to enjoy yourself, in my opinion. So I built one with you in mind! I've literally touched and fabricated every square inch of this boat. Boat building is extremely rewarding and also a colossal time suck! Read my article: sanding becomes your life. 


  • 18' tunnel hull

  • Drafts just over 4", planes in 5"-7" of water

  • Bench seat frame made from epoxy-infused Carbon Kevlar

  • Transom and front bulkhead covered in epoxy-infused Carbon Kevlar

  • Two deck drains and bilge for water control

  • Casting crail from

  • Yamaha 50hp two-stroke with 4-blade Power tech prop

  • Under-seat storage with USB plug and Yeti cooler

  • Two Tempress orthopedic flip-up seats

  • Burnewiin products for versatile rail and deck accessories

  • Gator Base and Gator Glide G2 for smooth sliding

  • Two Dometic cupholder "chillers"

  • Garmin and Micro PowerPole equipped


The essentials


the rods

I'm using the "Archetype" and "Gamma Beta" Edge rods designed by Gary Loomis for my fishing. These rods fall into the fast and very fast categories. They are impressively lightweight for their class, yet exhibit an exceptional linear load. I've paired these rods with cutting-edge fly lines for an enhanced fishing experience.


the reels

We are engaging in the use of a particularly innovative product, which happens to be crafted through advanced 3-D printing technology. They float and are indestructible! Additionally, we incorporate industry-standard reels based on the specific requirements of each fishing application. 


the gear

Wearing Dryft's sun hoody and buff. For jumping in and out, I use NRS Backwater zip-up wading shoes. Barefoot in the boat, the quick zip-up design is handy. Sitka Cloudburst jacket for squalls, Dryft puffy for chilly mornings. Smith Low Light sunglasses for mornings or clouds, Costas for full sun.

The Destinaton

Our Fishing Destinations

We have guide relationships building across the globe for hosted trips, these are highly vetted partners.  Our list is ever-growing because we love to explore new fisheries. 

Washington state - salmon & steelhead

west Yellowstone - brown & rainbow trout 

southwest Alaska - king salmon & steelhead

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